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well after a night filled with meows (i think she chatting away or shouting at me) and waking me up a few times here is Madam Lola!!

She got here and sniffed about the living room... then about 30 mins later she was off into the bedroom where she hid under the bed for 10 mins or so ....she was on the bed... i think she was going between the floor and bed all night mewing away but eventually gave up!! (i dont think she likes to sleep on the bed so im going to go get her a proper cat bed!) also im hoping a scratchy pole will smooth her nails a little cos they are sharp as anything!!!!

here are pics of her after she'd been here an hour or so!

Im off to work and i think she has come to the assumption i live in my bedroom as thats where we sat all last night she keeps running back in there to go sit!!...

just now shes sitting on the mouse while i try and type and stop her sticking her face in my cup of tea!!

Poppy and her get on well and she settles as fast as her!
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