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Question about Pit mixes

We have had our Pit mix, Petunia, going on three months now. Last night, I ran into the first major issue with her. While we were walking, we saw a black lab who is in our obedience class. The two dogs didn't seem to want to talk, but me and her owner did for a few minutes. Chance (the lab) was trying to hide behind his owner, and I was trying to keep Petunia calm. She was doing ok, nothing agressive that I could see. When she sees other dogs, she usually gets very excited and starts whimpering....(if you ask my wife, she sounds like a horse) Suddenly, she jerked forward almost pulling me down and grabbed Chance by the ear. I was able to pull them apart by opening her mouth (not smart to do with bare hands) and noone was hurt horibbly. The whole time, she never growled or gave any indication of being uncomfortable or nervous. on the other hand, I am somewhat nervous now. Is this normal for Pit bulls? I am still new to owning one and am not really sure how to react. Is there a chance that she was just playing and noone was really being hurt? Chance didn't really yelp like he was being hurt, but I don't know if he was just startled that a dog half his size jumped on him. I am just not sure what to make of this. She isn't usually aggressive with other animals, just excited. Should I not let her near other dogs?

The only thing that we could think of was at obedience class on tuesday, I was working with Chance more than Petunia. His owners were having problems with the gentle leader and since I had to use them on Petunia when we first got them, I was showing them how they work. Could it be that she was simply jelous that I spent time with him? Or is this just the natural dog aggression that I will need to keep an eye on?

I apologize if I'm babbling. This shook me up pretty good. Any advice would be helpful.

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