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Originally Posted by tongamoggie View Post
Hey Sarah,

Size wise these pics are a bit confusing yes. The bedlington is bang on 16 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 24 pounds. The Kerry, is actually about 18 inches at the shoulder and weights about 40 pounds...she will still fill out more as she is a pup.

OK, phew, I thought I was misinformed after all these years, lol.

Originally Posted by tongamoggie View Post
Basically the beddie is built like a whippet and the kerry like a tank. Hahah. She is a bit taller than Indy and a lot more substance...way more dog. They do everything together and I have no problems with aggression.

Now that is a funny description, especially put side-by-side like that

I remember when we were looking at a dog-book when I was a kid and we were to pick out our very first dog, I thought the Bedligton was cute and looked like a lamb, so I wanted that.

My mom wanted a newfie. Dad didn't really want a dog, but caved under the general pressure and agreed to a newfie ... till he saw the "grizzly" of a huge male, standing on his hind legs leaning on the front gate with a (friendly!) "bououfff". It was a firm "no" from the patriarch there and then

We ended up with a replaced Bearded Collie (the brown version) named Bruno who we immediately renamed Rex! (Original, I know).

So no Bedlington for me. Oh well ....
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