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Kerry and bedlington

Hey Sarah,

Size wise these pics are a bit confusing yes. The bedlington is bang on 16 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 24 pounds. The Kerry, is actually about 18 inches at the shoulder and weights about 40 pounds...she will still fill out more as she is a pup. She is actually a bit bigger than she probably should be. The pics dont show the diff. in size well. She is a lot more dog than the bedlington. Much denser bone and muscle. The beddie is light and fleet of foot but the kerry is a bit of a clutz and is very solid. She is becoming a little more "graceful" as she matures. Her coat has some rusty markings and this is just her coat starting to clear. The "blue" will come in completely by around 2 years of age or so. In the meantime her coat will look odd as it transitions. The bedlington is born black as well...or brown if it is a liver and the coat clears at a much earlier age. The proper coat on a Bedlington should never be white..that is a fault. He has a lot of black course hairs on him that leave his coat looking a bit grey...and would look a bit brown if a liver. I have read that there is some bedlington in the Kerry..or is it the other way around. Basically the beddie is built like a whippet and the kerry like a tank. Hahah. She is a bit taller than Indy and a lot more substance...way more dog. They do everything together and I have no problems with aggression.

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