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to have the crate be accepted faster, be sure to use it when you ARE home. i.e. when you mop the floor, make dinner, eat dinner, take a shower, etc... so your dog doesn't associate the crate with you leaving the house. if you only crate when you leave, it can become a negative (not that it WILL, but it can). so be sure to incorporate the crate into home life as well.

ETA: when I say crate at home, I mean for short periods of time, like 10-15 min MAX. just enough time for you to mop the floor and have it semi-dry.

my memory is fuzzy, but I think it took my dog 3-4+ weeks to really accept the crate. and yes, a KONG is a great help! KONGs can be stuffed w/ ALL SORTS of treats - there are many recipes/suggestions floating around this forum.

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