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No.. i'm not saying i'm trying to replace her.. i love my dog if i didnt i wouldnt be trying to keep her happy in her older days.. or wouldnt have saved her from being put to sleep..

I'm just trying to do research of the type of dog i would want.. if she does pass away.. she's the best dog.. she was her issues from health to aggression with other dogs and men but i deal with it.. i bring her to the vet every week to have her rechecked... and i brought her to 2 different vets for opinions.. the last vet scaled her a 4 on a scale from 1-5..1 being not so bad and 5 being the worst of heart murmurs.. that was just in 2 months..

I just want opinions on what people think would be a good dog with cats as i do cat rescue... I love the bully breeds and would love to rescue one..
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