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Just wanted to say i hope the crate training goes good for you! It isnt' easy but it works!

I was totally against crating a dog, never did, promised myself it wouldn't happen and then I got Buster! After he peed all over the carpet and we spent mega-bucks to get flooring put down, I decided to crate train him. was a rough first week to start, but now, when I say "Buster go in your house", he goes to his crate and knows that there are treats and kongs involved!. He is going on 2 yrs old and stays in his crate from 7:00-ish (am) until 4:30-ish (pm). He has only pooped in his crate once (my fault for not putting him out for the second time before work) and is quite content with his food, water, bones and a toy. Buster sleeps on my bed at night but during the day, his crate door is open and he enjoys going in and snacking on his kong or bone. You have to make the crate a good place to be, throw some treats in the crate while you are home, make sure Bailey knows it is not a punishment, just a good place to be!

Good luck!
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