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I LOVE the you call the crate "castle"!!! and it sounds like you're doing a FINE job! we all have to make creative schedules with a new pup. generally the rule of thumb is to crate 1 hr per mth old, plus one. an 11 wk pup is nearly 3 mths old = 3 hrs. (I'd stick to 3, not add one right now).

pups cry - it's normal. they want to be with you. but crying doesn't last forever, or the whole time you're gone. if you think it might, set up a tape recorder or video cam and tape it. my trainer told me that most crying/whining generally stops after 15-20 min. and it's normal. yes, heartbreaking, but normal. as long as you provide potty breaks, food, water, toys, etc... there's not much more you can do.

you CAN put the pup in a doggy daycare, but not usually w/ a pup that young. dogs need to be FULLY vaccinated (even kennel cough vac) before going to daycare. and, it's not the most cost efficient solution.

coming home every 2-3 hrs sounds PERFECT to me. just be sure you take the dog out to potty before crating, and immediately upon coming home. always potty first and last, to prevent accidents.

when my pup was that young, I left for work at 8am. my fiance came home for break at 10am (for 15 min). then he came home for lunch at noon (for 1 hr). then i came home at 3pm and did more work from home to make up for my whacky schedule. we only did this until our dog could go longer in the crate... we slowly built up. then when he was 6mth or so, he started going to work with my fiance in the afternoons. and now, my fiance has a new job (not dog friendly) so we pay a neighbor to check in on him.

looking forward to more updates and pics!
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