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Just want to show my support and say Good Luck. I know exactly what you mean. Crate training is so tough.

We got our dog when he was 3 months (he's 4 yrs old now). Even though I was home at the time I still put him in his crate during the day (for short periods) and he would go NUTS!!! I mean he was so loud that you could have heard him from outside.

I was so sad hearing him cry that I would go in our yard and sit there and I would cry my head off. I think I was worse than him. I kept calling my husband at work telling him I was going to die that I had to go get him but I didn't and thankfully he would stop crying and he would fall asleep.

At night he ALWAYS slept in his crate but for some reason it wasn't as bad. He would cry a little and then fall asleep. Maybe he knew there wasn't anything he was missing out on.

Bottom line is that it does get better - PROMISE and eventaully he'll go in by himself - I never thought that my dog would go in by himself but he did!!


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