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Thanks for all your responses!! 'tommysmom' definitely seems like she is in the same boat that I am. Right now, Bailey can sleep thru the night without having to go out (about 7+ hours). Never wakes up, whines, etc. Talking to a few folks at work and friends, they also think I can extend my trips home to every 4 - 5 hours, since he's already good with 7 at night. I'm going to try that and see how he does. I'm also going to look into getting a dog walker for that 4pm out-time, to get him lots of exercise and outside time.

I've been trying to post muy pictures of Bailey for the past 2 days and it keeps saying 'upload failed'. Hopefully I can get some up there today so you guys can see my cutie-pie.

I'll keep everyone posted on how he does. Today was a better day, we did the 'go in your castle' and I closed the door as I was getting ready. He whined alittle bit, then settled down and watched me. I think I'll keep doing that every morning, along with doing it at night a few times. Baby steps, right? At least I can get a good 7 hours of sleep at night. If not, I'd be a total basket case!
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