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Working Moms of New Puppies - Crate Training

I’m new to this site and hope someone can help me. I just brought home an 11 wk old Cavachon (Cavalier/Bichon mix breed). He is super cute and I’d love to spend 24 hrs/day with him…but I can’t with work. I can’t imagine the only people to ever get puppies are the folks that work from home or don’t work at all.

We get up at 6am. Then potty, walk, play, eat and tire him out. He will sometimes go in his crate on his own while he watches me get ready (only once so far). Then, I have to leave for work. I put his toys and blankie in there and call him to his ‘Castle’ (crate). He goes in, I give him a treat, then close the door and that’s when the crying starts…very very loud crying. I will hide around the corner and shake a can of pennies each time he starts to try to break him of the crying. That works sometimes, but not all the times.

I come home again 3 more time during the day (every 2 ½ - 3 hours). I only have about 25 min max to let him out to go potty, then we are back up in the apartment and I have no time to really play or exercise him (to tire him out). That’s when it’s the worst. His cries are so bad. I don’t go back in. But I come back in the office with tears rolling down my face. I feel like I’m failing as a mom to my new puppy. I tear up just thinking about it.

When you have a puppy and you work, what is the routine that has worked for you? How long do you spend with him/her? I know others had to have had encountered this, because I know working puppy-moms/dads are out there. I could use anyone’s help. This is breaking my heart and I feel like I’m taking 3 steps back with crate training, instead of 3 steps forward. I do all of the tips: toys, treats, crate in the high-traffic area, eating in his crate, slowly training of closing the door….everything. But when have such little time when you run home….it’s potty…then go right back in the crate.

I’d love any advise. Am I totally doing this wrong??
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