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pbpatti - I don't know how they missed the tank. I guess because it's at the end of the couch and tucked back more against the wall, plus there's less room there going from the dining area into the living room. They pretty much stayed in the middle of the living room. Looking back now at that pic I see that I took it before our "no collars" rule. One day when they were wrestling they got locked together. Perdie got her lower jaw under Pongo's collar and somehow twisted around so she was stuck there. She got scared and started "screaming" and the more she pulled the more it was choking him. We had to cut his collar off and after that I've never left collars on my dogs, ever. I only put them on if I'm taking them somewhere on leash (or working them on the sled) and then remove them later.

FancyAppy - your goats are too funny! Goats sure do like to climb though don't they? Years ago I had a friend that kept some goats and sheep. She had a ram that would chase one of the nanny goats away from her kids and let the kids jump on on his back and give them a ride around. Maybe he just wanted a good backscratch She also had a cat that liked to sneak in and nap on the warm eggs if a setting hen got off them to go eat. And, her goats didn't like to be out in the field when the flies were bad, unless she took a cup of tea and sat out there with them getting eaten alive. Then they ignored the bugs. She called her place the funny farm.
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