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Originally Posted by onster View Post
I think ours was from some lazy boy warehouse thing....cuz bought 2 other recliners at the same time...but u never know with my mom, she's a bit of a shopaholic Was it a sofa bed too? cuz ours is
No sofa bed...just regular couch and chair. Though I really wish it were a sofa bed like yours, I would have cut a hole in the wall to get it in and keep it I so could use a sofa bed for those nights when Molly and the cats take over my bed (or when we have company)

Originally Posted by onster View Post
hmmmmmmmmm that could be a monthly photo contest theme sometime
Very good idea! Misery and Bunduk would have staring roles

Bunduk is such a cutie.... no way that someone would be giving away a cat like him - must be a petfinder mistake
(have you tried tinfoil on the wires? works great with hungry bunnies..)
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