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Posts: 4,852 is good for first time users since they offer help with graphics and sop forth - Tripod is also free but has so many popups that you really are better off finding a good ISP that does not charge too much. Speaking of which, many many ISP's offer at the very minimum 5 megs of free web space- certainly Aliant or Sympatio does. If you have this ISP, check it out.

HTML is quite easy actually - it is just code and there are future plans to do away with the codes , the < amd > that you see when you View Code which will prove interesting. Some ppl jazz up their sires with JavaScript - not to be confused with Java which is a full fledged object oriented programming ;language but you can create Java Applets as well that are not difficult. I really like a program called Ace HTML Freeware which has many of the typical JavaScript or VBSript or other such items one might use (like menus on the side for example) so you do not have to reinvent the wheel and especially if you are just beginning!

Some WYSIWYG editors are used (like MS Frontpage) are useful but I hate them because you cannot easily edit them in terms of programming. I am an old style programmer at heart I suppose. I use Notepad to be honest - an updated one with spellcheck but Notepad nonetheless and the aforementioned AceHTML for useful and usual scripts.

To use some more complicated issues- like say a guestbook or a sign in feature, you may need to create a cgi-bin and that sometimes costs a bit more and is not provided in the free space of your ISP. I do believe Tripod and =Yahoo provide it but I am not altogether certain about that. In any case, there are free guestbooks available to newbies until you get it figured out anyway.

Whatever you do with HTML ALWAYS provide a way for people to find your main page so they do not land on some page of yours and not know how to get to the front. Some ppl will just see the front and erase the rest and find the main page that way. Ex: take this url and then just type in pets,ca but it is a sign of good navigation that you provided a way for people to find their way around your site. That is why some ppl create trees or menus on the side or the top of the page.

There are basics and is an excellent place to learn. I also really like Laura Lemay books which I use in teaching other medical ppl HTML and JavaScript - a few yrs for fun and excitement (haha), I edited the HTML Writers' Guild faq sections on JavaScript and Java. Sadly, tho Laura has an interesting blog - some of which is about her beloved cats - she no longer writes HTML books, There is one online for free though and when I am finished typing this, I'll post the url.

As mentioned, you can register your site thru Internic or a Canadian company. There are various ways. Internic- the main co. won't get you a .ca domain but I may be wrong about that. ,info is now available though. And other ones good for non profits are .org or .net

Once you build your files, you have to make sure they work on all the different browsers (ie now all tags work on all browsers - it is about competition- not sure what will happen now that Netscape is no longer supported, a sad day indeed, sigh!) and then you need a good program to upload them tho some programs provide a way to upload files online. I prefer WS_FTP which is used by many programmers. It is an oldie but goodie.

Just type in WS_FTP to find it.

That's all I can think of for now.

Good luck!!!
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