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Bailysmudge - I do like the impending 'doom' here but it looks like the 'aggressor' cat decided to take a nap in mid-attack - ahhh cats!
CearaQC - Just love that toga shot every time! Too hilarious.
Hazelrunpack - LOVE shot number 2 in your first set - wow perfect shot for the theme.
Frenchy - Now that is some good destruction in your first set. Nice! No fair - huge dogs can destroy stuff so much easier than l'il pets.
Meg4050 - Love how kitty wants to destroy the big doog's tail - nice try kitty!
Jessi76 - stuffed pumpkin destroyed! Time to make a stuffed pumpkin pie. Nice shot! Also love the stuffed kitty destruction and the tank too.
TeriM - Riley's destruction looks so cute!...but we'll take it
clm - Gorgeous Pic! Bentley looks like he is about to destroy something.
pbpatti - Looks like all that activity destroyed Sasha!

Mine to come this weekend hopefully!
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