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When I was younger and living at home my family always had a Kerry Blue Terrier, as did my grandmother. I don't recall any problems with digging or any other particular troubles with any of our dogs. I think like a lot of terriers they think they are a big dog in a little (or medium) sized body In our home we also always had a budgie and the dogs and birds got along fine. I've had hamsters and gerbils as well, but kept them in a room away from the dogs (thought it safer since the Kerrys were bred to hunt rats).

ETA: we never did a lot of grooming with ours, we would take them to a groomer a couple of times a year and have them clipped. Not a show clip, a full body clip, just leaving the "beard" and "bangs". One thing I did just remember about our dogs, the last one we had did have a health problem, she had tumours. I remember we had one purple warty looking one removed from her foot, and she grew another one like that on her neck. If I recall, I think when we had to have her euthanized she had another tumour inside of her (it's been a long time though, that would have been back in about 1987, because it was '88 when I got 2 collie pups). The dog we had before that dog I "think" may have also had some kind of tumour, but I was just a little kid when that one grew old. Still, it wouldn't hurt for you to discuss health issues in depth with the breeders you talk to. See if there is any history of tumours in their dogs.
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