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Originally Posted by tongamoggie View Post
Hey Lili,

I do own a kerry blue terrier. And a bedlington terrier. Both of my dogs are wonderful. I have owned 2 dobes in the past (very fond of the breed) a bouvier, siberian husky, neopolitan mastiff , australian cattle, I think that is it although my uncle used to breed collies.

My kerry is the first I've owned. Maybe I was just lucky...good breeder...combination of both but she is the nicest little girl. She is continuously happy, responds well with very little training. She is good to the cat, birds guinea pigs and the bedlington terrier. My bedlington breeder was concerned about me adding a kerry and my kerry breeder was concerned that I had a bedlington..and other pets, but mostly the bedlington. As it turns out, both are very responsible breeders and chose to breed very stable dogs. As with any breed your best to research and meet the breeders and their dogs. Don't buy a pup from anyone who sells them before at least 9 weeks. I've had many dogs and the only ones that stayed past or atleast 9 weeks were far more even and level headed. Those few extra weeks make all the differance. I've been told that they have to be brought home young (6 weeks..for the acd) in order to bond properly...I have trouble with this as there is so much developement going on with a pup in the next few weeks that it is crucial for them to remain with their pack to learn proper dog behaviour. Anyways, I think that my kerry is quite possibly the happiest , sweetist thing. She does not shed all. Grooming, on the other hand, is considerable work if you want your dog to actually look like a kerry.. Kerry blues can be very dog aggressive..especially the boys...but like I said , do your research. My bedlington breeder saw a kerry handler taken away in an ambulance after the kerry turned on the handler. She was worried for my bedlington but as it turns is a match made in heaven...get a girl if your worried about dog aggression...they are easier and less apt to be a problem that way...I have a male beddie and a female kerry..

Bouviers are great dogs as well...lots of work as far as grooming goes, and a very powerful animal..none the less....a well bred animal with proper socialization is a wonderful thing! I love bouviers... Dobes..well, I love them but due to popularity and bad breeding there are a lot of hyper, hard to control dobes out there with various health problems. Anyways, If you don't mind wet whiskers and continuously cleaning out water dishes (lots of silt settling to the bottom from busy faces in holes, hahah) and your not afraid to try your hand at grooming...then a kerry might be for you!

good luck in your search!
Thank you so much for your reply!!! Kerry owners are hard to find so I really appreciate getting your insight!

Originally Posted by tongamoggie View Post
Oh, and by the way...of all the dogs I've owned, the ones that have been the easiest to live with and with the least (none really) issues, has been the terriers! Seems funny, as people have this idea that they are all a hand full. Maybe just a fluke, maybe just experience on my part..thanks to all the dogs before them, I don't know. I certainly have seen my share of terriers that are more than a hand full. I love these dogs, what can I say? Kerry blues were bred as an all purpose farm dog...pest exterminator, guardian and they are very versatile.....and become your shadow although I wouldn't call them a one person dog as I would a dobie or bouvier...she loves everyone equally....a lot more dog than one would expect..very solid...reminds me of a small bouvier but with more substance...bouvier crossed with a bear cub. We have a loud and rambuctious family so maybe that is why the terriers fair so well...!!
I remember my Welsh Terrier being a lot more independent than my Dobe was for sure. The best thing for me would be to meet some adult Kerry Blues to fully understand what I could anticipate if I had one. I do get that dogs like humans are individuals and that personality traits can vary within one breed. I would be very careful in choosing a responsible breeder if only for that sole reason.

Thanks again for your input! (Any chance you could post a pic of your Kerry?)
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