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Originally Posted by clm View Post
I haven't seen a Kerry Blue in a long time. They're very pretty dogs though. All I remember about them is that they have the typical terrier traits. Love to dig. Need a firm but gentle hand to train as they're smart but stubborn. You're right about the minimal shedding, but they need to be groomed regularily or you'll need to learn how to strip and shape the coat yourself. You could look them up through kennel clubs in your area or through the AKC or CKC sites. Try to find a dog show on in your area and see if you can find out more about the breed at the show from a breeder. They may have a rescue group as well and you can adopt a homeless Kerry.

Thanks! I will probably be looking into meeting some breeders and going to at least one dog show in my area... That way I would probably meet most breeds I'm considering at the moment!
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