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Originally Posted by clm View Post
It's not the breed mix that's the problem, it's the people who do the breeding of these dogs. Puppy mills and back yard breeders.
the reason poster, that you see so many of them in shelters and rescues is because "buyers" didn't do their homework

After reading this, I find it very unforunate about the money schemes and the poor animals that get left behind. I have seen shows on puppy mills and some breeders and it makes me sick. I wish people would do their homework so that people like me, who have full intentions of giving a dog a good home, don't get thrown under the bus with every irresponsible dog owner out there.
I paid no where near $2500 or even $1000. I didn't even know what a "labradoodle" was until last year. I was just in the market for a dog when I got my new house. I happened to pick this puppy, because I knew what breeds she had, she was cute and I wanted a puppy that could keep up with my lifestyle (outdoors, beach, running, rollerblading, camping etc).
It's unfortunate to see anyone purchase a puppy without being ready and its the dog who suffers in the end, no matter the breed or "mutt". It's also unfortunate to see people get rich off of this. When the labradoodle phase is over, be sure another will begin.
I guess some people shouldn't have pets. PERIOD.

I will post pics for those who asked.
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