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Originally Posted by growler View Post
Have a few things to consider if the dietary supplements don't alter her poops enough between now & next recheck which will be a phone consult.
Have you tried giving Duffy a few drops of inner-leaf aloe vera juice (Lily of the Desert is a good one)? This can sometimes help improve motility.

Originally Posted by growler View Post
plus in animals chipped teeth esp canines do not lead to cavities.
Not sure I agree with this, I think it depends on the nature of the chip. Aztec had a chipped canine that did eventually effect the tooth pulp to the point that it had exploded out the end of the root. It never appeared painful, even to touch, but by the time it got pulled it was in pretty bad shape.

Originally Posted by growler View Post
I think the atmosphere of his clinic helps his reading of that too, it's not sterile, it's comfortable, calm not stressed like many reg clinics, the clinic itself has a wonderful atmosphere.
Sounds fabulous! If I didn't like my vet as much as I do, I'd totally check out a more holistic option. Problem is, I also love the fact that my vet is cats-only (and she has Feliway diffusers in every exam room!). There's a holistic vet very close to me that is pro-raw, but it's also a general practice.

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Not meaning to butt in on Duffys post,but if butternut squash is good for constipation,how can it help Rockys runny poop??
The soluble fiber of squash affects the water balance in the gut, so if there's too much water, as in the case of diarrhea, it absorbs it. If there isn't enough water, such as with constipation, it draws it into the intestines from elsewhere.
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