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Unhappy Zen

Hello everyone. I just want to send my condolences to those who lost their beloved furry friends. I found this post in a search for some answers to what could be going on with my furry baby, Zen. He is a yellow lab and shepard mix, who has been experiencing similar symptoms and is under the care of his Veterinarian. Currently, he is taking 500mg of Cephalexin every 8 hours for 10 days.

I too was alarmed when I came home one day to find blood on the bridge of his nose and paw. I thought that the cat may have accidently scratched him while playing (they stick together like glue). Then I began noticing blood on the walls, floor and his dog bed. I also noticed that he sounded very congested and lost most of his appetite (not a characteristic of Zen). He sneezed on Sunday evening and there was a large amount of dark and clotty blood. First thing monday morning, I called and brought him to the vet. The vet warned me of the possibility that it could be a tumor, due to his age and the fact that he has lost a good amount of weight. He also gave me a glimmer of hope, when he stated that it could be a very bad bacterial infection.

The vet performed a saline nasal flush, as he was trying to get a culture for a cytology. He also stated that he was unable to get anything, but gave me slides to take home (incase Zen started bleeding at home). Right before we left, he sneezed and the doctor got a sample, eventhough he warned that it may not be very accurate. He still wanted to try to see if any tumor cells turned up. Later that evening, he called me with good news that there were no tumor cells on the slide, and that he would prescribe the antibiotics for the 10 day course. If this does not work, he wants him to come in for the x-ray.

It is now three days later and he has seemed to regain some of his appetite with the help of food enticers; however he still sounds awful and is occassionally winded. I was so happy that he was not experiencing nose bleeds, since the nasal flush. Unfortunately, when I came home today I saw that he began bleeding again from the same side (right nostril). I'm just praying that he is on his way to recovery and does not have a tumor.
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