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While many purebreds were started from other breeds, they were made into a SINGLE breed with a set of standards including look, personality, temperament etc, that ethical breeders, bred to a single standard, they breed to create the best example of that breed standard. Ethical breeders health test, conformation test, temperament test etc to only produce the best of the best. Taking two purebred dogs of DIFFERENT breeds and sticking them together doesn't make anything but a mutt PERIOD. Labadoodle isn't a breed and never will be as there is no standard, there is no ethic and there isn't a breeder or breed club driving for any of the above SO they will be forever a designer dog aka mutt. I have NOTHING against mutts, I have been the proud owner of many but as many others have posted the issue is the greeders aka greedy breeders. We are seeing these mixes in the shelters now and lots of them, there are now doodle rescues starting up because these dogs don't have a standard, you don't necessarily know what you are getting. No two lab/poodle mixes will be the same and many who are promised to be hypoallergenic are in fact NOT and thus getting dumped because the breeders are not ethical or responsible, that's where the issue lies.

I actually met a lady who thought her dog was pure because the parents were pure (one lab, one poodle), she didn't know that they had to be the SAME breed and registered with the CKC or AKC to be considered pure! There are many people won't don't know better and they are being fleeced!!!! She was LIVID when I explained to her how it worked!!!
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