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Originally Posted by Puppy_Pal View Post
At least with this breed, you DO know what types of dogs they are coming from and have an idea that the personality will be a combination of some of those traits.
Unless you have met both parents and seen numerous offspring of the pair - you really don't know where they are coming from or have any idea of personality. The purebred dogs that you see now came from generations of breeding - discarding dogs that threw puppies with undesirable traits, keeping meticulous records of who was bred to whom, and making sure that ALL puppies not only looked the desired way, but had the personality and ability to do the job that the new breed was intended to do.

The sad truth is that there are now tons of labradors and standard poodles in cages in puppymills all over North America pumping out puppies at an alarming rate of speed. No thought is given to type or health, just dollar bills. While I think that the original idea behind the "breed" was admirable - the fact of the matter is that the "breed" is NOT used for the original purpose that was intended. Don't you wonder why that is?
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