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Originally Posted by Ford Girl View Post
At Christmas time, a whole family of them came in, mom, dad, and 5 pups that didn't sell at xmas time. :sad: And since this litter didn't sell, they dropped the adults off too. All Labradoodles previously selling for $900 each.
Ford Girl, I have to agree with you that this is very sad. I will admit, I didn't think that there were anymore in the pound of this breed than any other. And I say that because I watched the pound around here for over a year before I decided on a dog. I am sad to hear of ANY dog being left there for nothing.
I also agree about the get rich quick stuff. I think those prices are overpriced for any dog tho, unless you're showing or are 100% sure of the breeder.
At least with this breed, you DO know what types of dogs they are coming from and have an idea that the personality will be a combination of some of those traits. I guess next to pure breed, next best for determining personality as opposed to a true "mongrel" (not sure of what's in the mix).
I don't take personal offence to anything, I just happened to be reading it and said what was on my mind at the time. I just don't want people to get the idea that "EVERY" person that buys a labradoodle is gullible or bought them because they are a designer dog. I know I didnt.
If you look at almost ALL breeds and truly read their history, which I have done for many, you will find at one point, they were a combination of one or more dogs bred for a human purpose. The labradoodle was bred for a seeing eye dog for a lady whose husband was allergic to dogs. It seemed to work for them.
It is unfortunate that some people(s) have taken advantage of the money grabbing scheme, but there are still better ways to say things.
As far as one person asking why don't you just buy a lab? I don't know...why doesn't someone who wants a husky just buy a german shepherd. They don't want one I guess.
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