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What can I say? Dani is a "Tollercollie" (or whatever the other breed in her might be, could be border collie, could be anything, who cares?), she was rescued; had I bought her as a pup, there is no way I'd have paid more than a shelter adoption fee type price for her. A mutt is a mutt, no matter how cute, intelligent and sweet natured they are.

Getting a pure bred is not a crime, you may want to be (more) sure of the size, personality, temperament, use even, of a particular breed.

But camouflaging mutts as "designer dogs" to get money is immoral.

"Gullible" incidentally is not an insult, just an opinion the author of the post had. Could have used "naive" too. Or "fashion-slave"? Either way, the person paying that kind of money for a mixed breed, is in my opinion paying for something they're not getting: a recognized, registered breed.

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