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ANY breeder that charges you $2,500 for an 8 week old puppy (unless it is a rare breed or a bulldog - bitches MUST have a c-section to deliver pups) is just out to take advantage of people who have not done their homework. I know several different breeders that breed only dogs that have had all of their health certs. done and have titles on both ends that only charge between $800 - $1,000 for puppies. The advantage to buying a puppy from an ETHICAL breeder has nothing to do with status. It has to do with someone who wants a particular breed and wants to make sure that the puppy they get will grow up to meet the breed standard and not be crippled or die from a genetic issue that could be avoided by careful breeding.

While you might not be gullible, the fact of the matter is - we live in a society where people want what they want and they want it now. I am very sure that there is not one person involved in rescue here who hasn't taken in a "designer" dog and gotten the story of how it was sooo cute when they got it but it is too big, too hairy, too vocal, too whatever. People see the cute puppy in the pet shop or on the website and expect that they will get it into their home and it will always look the way it does, will be sweet and nice to everyone, never soil the floor, never chew on the leg of a chair and all they will have to do is love it.

Millions of dogs are destroyed in shelters in North America every year. Most of them are mutts without fancy designer names. That is the biggest problem that most of us here have with "designer breeds".
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