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so i was saying you could do the oto cats and a handful of shrimp (cherry/ghost/amano or that size) along with either-
-3 pair of threadfins(feed daily)
-a male betta(feed every other day at the most)
-1m/2f ratio of guppies(feed daily)
-6-8 small rasboras(feed daily)
-a small pair of killifish (think REALLY SMALL)(feed daily)
-1 dwarf gourami(feed every other day)
-5-8 sparkling gourami(feed daily), a little aggressive, WELL planted, think 'choking with plants'
-1-3 pea puffers(feed every other day), also a little aggressive. make territories with a cave for each with one extra, small terracotta pots work very well.

if you did the single fish ideas (single gourami, single betta) you could subtract a oto cat and do 3 or 4 kuhli loaches but i strongly suggest lots of water changes (think 50% weekly) and a sandy substrate at less than 2" deep.

also bettas, gourami, killifish, pea puffers(which are one of the only puffers commonly/uncommonly found thats actually freshwater!!!) and guppies all appreciate live food. if you have some mosquito larva or fruit flies you can catch, they will gladly eat those.

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