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Originally Posted by moontamara
I think lots of people swear by Solid Gold, which is why I was so thrilled to find it and now rather disappointed with it. My puppy has cost my husband and I WAY more than we anticipated with an early somewhat serious illness (he's fully recovered now! ) and he's getting neutered on Tuesday. No way I can talk my husband into expensive allergy testing right now (maybe in a month or two) and I don't think it's available here anyway, but I will inquire. Supplements aren't that easy to find here either, but I do believe I saw some sort of fish oil thing and I will look into that if his current food doesn't help him out. I really don't want him to be uncomfortable, but I don't have the money to bend all the way over backwards for him, unfortunately, although if absolutely necessary I will of course, scrape together the necessary dough!
Could it be that the food is expired... propably not a really high demand for it in Korea.. I may have gone bad. I can see the same thing happening in NS too.. not as many people as the Toronto area so things may be staying on the shelf longer than they should be... just a thought.
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