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see, i tried to keep a goldfish in a 10g... a singular goldfish.... doing daily water changes of 2g and vacuuming/filter stuff once a week and it didnt happen. ive known waaaay too many people who have had such shoddy luck with goldies. ive had a few experts on them say the first goldie should be in nothing less than a 20g and then another 10g for each one after that. considering they are genetically inferior fish and that they get to be the size of a soft ball, i tend to agree. i gave my goldy Finn exceptional care and still couldnt keep him.

if i ever try them again, i will get him/her from a national breeder and keep a single on in a 30g. it totally broke my heart that a fish that SHOULD live 20-60 years didnt make it a single year in my home.

a great suggestion for a 10g would run you with two of those oto cats i suggested, a handful of cherry shrimp, some live plants and perhaps a betta, a trio pf guppies (but let them eat the babies) or some sparklers like i have... maybe a pair of SMALL killifish?? or a small school(5-8) of rasboras?? i *love* axelrods rasboras!! internet pics do them NO justice!! or you could do 3 pair of threadfin rainbows?? i *love love love* threadfins!! they are so dainty and they display to each other which is just beautiful!!

OKAY!!! I HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES!! I CANT PLAY ANYMORE TODAY!!! this is my first lazy day since thanksgiving!!! dawwwwg!! i might be back later tonight.

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