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clove oil is the most humane thing that most folks can pull off. they say lopping the head off is the least traumatic and least painful if you can do it fast enough. lay them on a really wet piece of paper towel (wetted with tank water!) but i prefer clove oil. its a sedative (i delivered a breach baby endler once with it!!!) but in large doses it just puts them to sleep and it shuts down their system. its REALLY expensive. i keep a 1oz bottle around for emergencies. i had to use the whole bottle on a goldfish though. that was almost a $10 euthanization. poor Finny Foo. he is sleeping under my cat nip plants, his portal to the giant fish bowl in the sky.

cory cats (being sensitive bottom dwellers) suffer from poor water quality the worse. what do you do to keep the water clean??

i aim for weekly water changes (ie take old water out, put in new treated aged water) of 30-50%, bi-weekly gravel vacuuming and on the other weeks i change out filter media or shake/rinse them out. i also (try) to under stock and under feed. all of my fish but the gourami and white clouds get fed 2-3 times a week.

boy im chatty today!!

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