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Yep, I got your PM, thanks!

I was told at my fish place that the siamese were really aggessive and was talked out of buying one! Maybe I'll look inot one next time I'm in.
I just bought a spare heater/filter from a guy that was breeding all sorts of fish in his house. He had these albino plecos that had really long and curly fins/tail - they were the cooolest thing! I told him to email me when they're ready.

I had a herd of cories once (albino) and they all got sick. One of them, the one that lived the longest, oddly, lost his tail somehow and it never grew back. They were so cute, I was very sad that they didn't last. I did everything that I could for them.

Have you ever had to dispose of a live fish, in a humane way of course, because he was sick or injured? The tetra I'm nursing now - the fish place told me it was probably an incurable parasite and I should just freeze him. I couldn't bring myself to do it, it seems like such a bad thing to do, but so common!
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