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Those are really cool!
The only loach I have right now is a clown. I bought him on my birthday and he's my fave fish. They have such personality. The ones you have are so beautiful...but I've had some bad experience with aggressive fish, and I only have a 20G, so I try to stay away from that sort of thing. I had some gouramis once, but one ate the other one and then terrorized everything else in the tank. I bought two zebra danios becuase they are really fast and less likely to allow themselves to be attacked. Then the terrorist gourami died and I was able to get some other stuff.
I've been thinking of getting a buddy for my loach though, but I need to replace my pleco with a baby one first because adding another fish right now would probably put me over my limit.
What kind of aquarium setup do you have? A really huge one?
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