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Hi, I feed my cats Science Diet and they are doing great! I tried feeding them dry food by Nature's but they don't have any pooh. Then I found out they don't have enough fibre in them. I went to the vet and she recommend Science Diet. All the vets I took my cats to (I have 3 vets because they have different charges [flea treatments + injections from "cheapest" vet), and all of them feed their pets with Science Diet. My cats did so well with this food in Canada that I bought 8 bags (8lbs) to bring back to Hong Kong with me (very expensive in Hong Kong).
My babies:

Samantha/BB (11-month-old ~~ Born on Oct 9, 2007)

Mama (17-year-old) - passed away
Sabrina (11 year-old) - passed away on Feb 7, 2006
Meow Meow (8 year-old) - passed away on May 15

My nephew:
Bor Bor (6 year-old puppy)
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