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(sorry Danaekitty!!) but a betta should never be kept in a goldfish bowl(no goldfish either!!!!! its WAY WAY TOO SMALL!!!). bettas do come from rice patties BUT!!... rice patties are very large. the water quality of a rice patty is *quite* good. a betta may survive in a small space like a bowl or vase because of his/her labyrinth organ (can breath air instead of filtering water through gills) but it is far from ideal.

check out this link for the (small piece of the) nitrogen cycle in your aquarium and why (gentle) filtration is important.

also bettas need a heater of which it is almost impossible to find one small enough for a fish bowl that wont cook your fish. most people keep their homes between 20.5c and 21.5c where as a betta needs constant temps closer to 25.5c.

last but not least, the most common error folks make with bettas is over feeding!! they need only a few pellets no more than every other day. i feed mine twice to three times a week and they look just as lovely as the day i received them!

now i will admit, to my shame, i have two females living in unheated, unfiltered 2.5g tanks. its not ideal but its all i have and they were very unexpected. i keep them wedged between two other heated tanks in the warmest room of the house to compensate.

as for whats to go in the 33g cube..... you know you can get some really bad *** lights and throw some corals in there....

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