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My cats are all self feeders, well for the dry food I have no idea what the bag says to feed them! I do ration the wet food though and I have to feed Buddy seperate or else he eats all his and then muscles the girls away from theirs as well!
Windy has been heavy ever since we got Smoke and both got a little hefty after they got fixed, but as soon as we went back to a normal schedule Smoke slimmed right down (with a bit of help from a diet food and extra exersise). Windy has a little fat pouch and is really stocky (I swear most of it is muscle now from fighting with Buddy cause man is she strong now, if she decides to fight back when I pick her up to clip her claws or something, I lose!) but the vet says she is ok as long as she doesn't get any heavier. So with her I am more just trying to maintain her current weight.
Buddy on the other hand is still getting used to not having to gobble his food so someone else doesnt eat it, he's gained about 3 lbs since we took him in! He looks good now though, even people in the building say he looks much better now that I have taken him in.

Windy is probably more like your cat....plays only when she feels like it. Smoke and Buddy I can always get to chase the string... and I still think a cat panting is the cutest thing! The most exersise Windy gets is when Buddy decides to play with her... man do they ever tear up and down the hall!
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