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I just googled them, they are CRAZY looking! Are they just in eggs now?

Thanks, btw, for your advice on the water changes for my sick tetra. I've been using water from the aquarium every day, while still giving him small doses of the mela fix. His eye infection seems to have stopped in its tracks! Hard to tell if it's healing, because I think he can only see through his good eye and therefore only looks at me from one side. But the improvement is there - he was bleeding from the eye the day I pulled him from the aquarium. It's been about a week. I thought I was basically just giving him a comfortable place to die (although it's a very small bowl, he was definitely more comfy in the tank, obv.) but he's hanging in there.

Ha! I've threadjacked the queen of threadjacking! Do keep me posted on those triops INTERESTING!
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