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The beauty has gone home. When I went out to feed the strays last night, a guy approached me and asked if I was the women who 'fed cats'. Have you seen my cat? He went on to describe Beauty to a T. So we walked over to my place and the happy reunion took place.
He said they had gone away for a few days and couldn't find the cat to shut him inside. Then came an almighty snowstorm, which is when the beauty turned up at my door. I asked the guy if he had thought about getting him neutered. Oh no, he said, he and his brother are 'country cats' from Lac St-Jean. Readers from Quebec will appreciate the reference more, Lac St-Jean being known as a particularly 'ballsy' region of Quebec.
I also pointed out that he was a bit thin, forgetting to mention the possibility of worms, but the guy didn't seem too worried. I don't suppose they've been vaccinated either.
It was all very friendly. He thanked me.
Now that my fame is spreading, I might start a little education campaign.
Hmmm .
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