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Originally Posted by krdahmer
Ya, I went through the ingredients on the floor with the lady in the pet store when I was choosing a better cat food....Nutro has great advertising but corn was still high on the ingredient list. Mine are eating Wellness (which I think was only about $6 more than the Nutro) and seem to like it.

And by far the best thing to do for an overweight cat is to excersise them....we play string on a stick (a dowel with a shoe string tied through a drilled hole), and I can get all three of mine to chase it so hard that they need to sit and pant (me too sometimes!). Everyone walks their dogs and forgets that poor "Mr. Boots" likes to get winded too!

I was also told by my vet not to leave the cats on diet cat food for more than one bag's worth, if by then there is no improvement it isn't working.

Yah I noticed that on the dog food with nutro... that's why i did more research.... the cat food wasn't as bad as the dog.

As for exercising... she just will not play unless she feels like it... she's quite moody and only seems to want to play when the dog is around... but then the dog gets in on it (the dog loves string - the fuzzy mouse (which is now offically a dog toy)... especially the laser pointer ) So I put the dog out so the cat can play without being stomped to death and she sits and waits for Rosie by the door... so I put the cat out to play (in the fenced yard) and she just wants to lay in the grass.... I can't win Maybe I should get her a harness and walk her... That should be a pleasent experiance for all involved

I will be trying a new food on the next bag though. Actually could she possibly be getting too much food... she's an average size cat... with more fat than she needs... she gets 1/4 cup of nutro twice a day... that was a little less than the recommended amount if I recall correctly (it's nearing the end of the bag and I pour it into another container and toss the bag... so I can't check that)
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