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Yeah, I kind of agree with that vet. Badger has inhaled more diet food, and he's still the fine hunk of cat he's always been. Now I give them both regular Innova and they love it. It isn't perfect - chicken meal is one of the first five ingredients - but there is no corn or any other filler that I can see. D*** expensive though.
Badger just gets less food, period. They do get some canned every day, with water added so it's like a soup and then I pour it over the dry. They can have them crunchy too, if they want. Badger likes a game of flyball at least once a day and if he wants to go out he has to drag himself down and back up one of those outside spiral staircases three floors. He's never gonna be a sylph and I'm not gonna obsess about it.
But I'm interested in the protein angle. Too much protein is fattening?
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