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Originally Posted by MBRA518
My local store just started carrying the cat food too... I'll likely switch the cat over too when I need to buy more food - I haven't noticed much of a difference in her over the last 2 months - she's been on Nutro. She also sheds too much and is...well let not candy coat it - Obese!. I've tried everything, all the "lite" foods and her food is rationed, not left out for her. The vet said "she needs to lose weight" - well duh - but he couldn't suggest anything I haven't already tried. It doesn't help the shedding part when she will NOT be brushed... LOL Cats!
Ya, I went through the ingredients on the floor with the lady in the pet store when I was choosing a better cat food....Nutro has great advertising but corn was still high on the ingredient list. Mine are eating Wellness (which I think was only about $6 more than the Nutro) and seem to like it.

And by far the best thing to do for an overweight cat is to excersise them....we play string on a stick (a dowel with a shoe string tied through a drilled hole), and I can get all three of mine to chase it so hard that they need to sit and pant (me too sometimes!). Everyone walks their dogs and forgets that poor "Mr. Boots" likes to get winded too!

I was also told by my vet not to leave the cats on diet cat food for more than one bag's worth, if by then there is no improvement it isn't working.
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