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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
duttypaws , no pressure here but I can tell you Badger's rescues are the best. I don't know what she feeds them but it's working ! Her cats are just great , here are my 2 guys I adopted from her. It took them about 1-2 weeks to become buddies (which IMO was quite fast) look at them now :
frenchie they are PANTHERS!!! well just now im trying to get all the information I need and all the stuff for in the apartment... but once im all moved I will know better... the kitten isnt ready to leave its mummy till june... so im more worried if i get a big cat it will give him a slight smack when hes only little.

If i had my way id adopt them ALL!!! its more a worry how much more it would cost to feed etc 2 cats compared to 1.... in the long run.. I have 2 at home and my mum and aunt both said it doesnt cost much more (As they both have 2)
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