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Originally Posted by LuckyRescue
For the cat, I would switch to good quality canned food. Since you have only one cat, it won't be that expensive!
Tried it ... well fancy fest anyway but the ingredients look good on the can - all meat. Why would the wet be better for weight loss?

She is doing a little better now on the Nutro... but I'm definatly going to try the Performatrin Ultra cat food. When we got her she was a thin little cat (she was 6 months old from the local shelter)... and stayed that way for the first 8 months we had her... then we went to visit my parents and had someone come in and look after her, the dog was with us... but they didn't stay the night - we came back to twice the cat in 2 weeks... Since then it's been an uphill battle.

Part of it is that she is not very active she only moves for her food and one or 2 crazy runs around the house a day, she's not sick - just lazy... oh and we can't forget when she chases the dog up the stairs to bite her leg
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