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Wow - I am really not busy at work today. I have been posting like a mad woman!

Anyway, cats do need a stronger stimulus to eat. Even though their scense of smell is 4x stronger than that of humans. I do not know how they stand those stinky little cat boxes, but I am so glad that they do!!! Since they have so little taste buds compared to that of a human they rely on their sense of smell to tell them if the food is fresh or not. Sometimes they will not eat because it has gone bad, and of course we do not know that - we have to rely on them to tell us. Sometimes, they may have a stuffed up nose and since they cannot smell they will not eat - again because they cannot tell if it is good or bad.

I came into this one and got a chuckle out of your house stinking - that sounds awful I know. It is funny because I complain about that all the time. I have three little piggies and my house stinks to heaven whenever they are being fed. My newest one in so tiny and when he eats he gets his whole face right in the bowl and just sucks it back! He is so funny. It brought me back to when Fidel was a baby. Though the gross part is, he really loves the fish flavour - so this is what I give to him. He always comes running to me for kisses with food all over his face and when I clean it off - if the other ones do not get to hiim first - his little apple head smells of fish for hours!!!
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