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thanks for the input, we were thinking doberman for a while, we also think the colors may come from the black and tan coonhound, and maybe mixed with foxhound.. her brother completely ruling out just the black and tan as the primary hound breed. We also came across an interesting looking hound called the Hungarian hound aka the Transylvanian hound.. looks very similar.

The one thing that throws us off is her ears.. their always tucked back unless shes attentive or excited, and the fact that their very small.

Reply to marshmallow - They felt so bad that she and her brother had been sitting there for well over 3 months because of the fact they were so over priced.. I think they were priced over $800 to start, and They and friends got the pair for $800. Its a sad thing seeing puppies in windows of these stores, when you walk by them everyday on your way to work. They completely understand the risks of buying from these stores, but she was something they couldnt stand to see in that window anymore. None the less she turned out to be extremely healthy, her brother as well.

They would just like to have a bit of insight and closure as to what type of dog she really is...

So does anyone know where those ears come from???!
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