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L4H, Chico & Hazel Thanks for the good wishes, vibes & prayers

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Will they continue to pay for follow-up visits to the homeopath, even if they won't pay for the supplements?
I'll make sure they will when it relates to the kidneys

So her results came in not too far off what I was hoping & better than expecting - you know the saying "expect the worse & you'll be pleasantly surprised" though I think it's actually "you'll never be disapointed" or something like that

The 5 main values to keep a close eye on are Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine, Calcium, Phosphate & Urine Specific Gravity there are others in combination with these which can indicate a worsening state but these are the "most important" in dealing with kidney failure.

Test in Sept 07
Blood Urea Nitrogen 14.3 mmol/L..HIGH (ref range 5.0-12.5)
Creatinine 211.8 umol/L..............HIGH (ref range 83-181)
Calcium 2.45 mmol/L...............normal (ref range 2.26-2.74)
Phosphorus 1.23 mmol/L..........normal (ref range 1.07-1.98)
SG 1.038.......normal (ref range 1.008 - 1.060 normal is 1.030-1.040) lower the sg the more dilute sg of water is 1 this is bad in relation to cats' urine it's supposed to be concentrated

Test in Mar 08
Blood Urea Nitrogen 17.4 mmol/L.HIGH increase of 3.1 mmol/L
Creatinine 223.2 umol/L.............HIGH increase of 11.4 umol/L
Calcium 2.64 mmol/L...........normal but increase of 0.19 mmol/L
Phosphorus 1.63 mmol/L......normal but increase of 0.04 mmol/L
SG 1.031....................barely normal but a decrease of 0.007

Overall not too bad, the Lab Dr's notes indication the slight presence of blood in the urine they have indicated UTI though there is also the possiblity of hypertension resulting in blood in the urine. She also had the same value of blood in urine listed last time but it wasn't commented on then - this all depends on the Dr doing the testing it's their findings.

Duffy is definately feeling better, more alert & active, got some of her Tortitude back that was lacking a little the last couple of months. The supplements she is on have definately helped & she comes over willingly to be pilled (of course she don't get fed unless she's taken them ) Loves her raw food

Homeopath recheck next week I'll have to remember this time to ask for a blood pressure reading, was going to last visit but forgot
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