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Hi there--

Im not an expert but Im thinking that the ear sucking is pretty normal. Its a comfort thing for your kitty and she may continue doing it for a long time.

On a side note though after joining this forum Ive learned that the opposite is true with feeding dry food. I too still feed my cats dry food (Welness Core) but they get 2 cans of soft a day (variety mostly Welness also) because in fact canned food is better for them because they have no drive for thirst, if that makes sense. Dry food for the most part also is very processed too and may not be the best choice to be feed as the main sorce. I like you always though dry was better for their teeth but that is untrue also. As someone said to me here "your dentist doesnt tell you to eat cookies and pretzels to keep your teeth in good shape" same applies to cats.

Have fun with your little muffin, they are kittens for such a short period of time!!!

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