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Suckling kittens

Hi, i was just wondering if any of you had this situation... my 9 month old kitten Tonali, who i rescued at approx 3 weeks old still likes to suckle on my ear on a daily basis, Tonali is female, and likes to suckle my ears, specifically my right one and this is the preferred one, she cant seem to get a good grip of the left one. Funny fact, i dont have pierced ears. Tonali suckles only me. Suckling period of time is usually 12 to 15 minutes, tho she sometimes have very short episodes of under 4 minutes. Suckling always involves purring and kneading . I accepted and welcomed it as token of love and trust from the little being i rescued. Tonali and I have our 'suckling position': me laying on my back with no pillow, her laying on her left side, kneading and purring along as she suckles, she also alternates this position with the one where she lays flat on her belly, both legs spread around my abdomen. I always place my left hand on her rear and the right hand on her head/shoulderblades. At first, this was such that i held the whole kitten warm, now she has grown...Tonali is well adjusted, tho smaller in size as she should be according to growth charts. Tonali was fed milk replacement formula until 3 months old, as well as high grade kitten food, which she will keep eating until at least 1 year of age. Tonali is well adapted and shows no signs of behaviour problems. Tonali is a picky eater and will not have canned food or cat treats of any kind, nor does she eat sardines or tuna. I also am an advocate of feeding only dry food for teeth/gum health.
Just wondering how common this is and if anyone has any feedback ...
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