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Originally Posted by mastifflover
Well lets start with the fact that now they include corn as cereal. What are animal derivatives (by products waste) not human grade. Everything is a derivative or by product the protien level is to high unless you have a very active dog you will have a fat dog. If you look at a bag of Solid Gold besides there is no corn. The first ingredients are meat or poultry not a derivative of. Using high quality food will help your dog live a longer healthier life and will most likely save you a lot of money in vet bills. Plus the difference in their coats you will be able to see and feel within months of switching foods.
yup... within 1 month I noticed less than half the shedding in my rottie. Her coat looked great before - but it looks even better now. I'm now well into my second month with her on Performatrin Ultra (from Pet Valu) and I'm now noticing a lot more energy and agility (well - when she's not too close to the couch ! ) Last night she actually played soccer with me for like 15min - I haven't been able to get more than 2-3min of that kind of play out of her in over a year I'm extremely happy with the Performatrin Ultra and would recommend it to everyone! (I know I sound like a commercial) And it only cost me about $30 per month and Rosie's an 80lbs dog.

My local store just started carrying the cat food too... I'll likely switch the cat over too when I need to buy more food - I haven't noticed much of a difference in her over the last 2 months - she's been on Nutro. She also sheds too much and is...well let not candy coat it - Obese!. I've tried everything, all the "lite" foods and her food is rationed, not left out for her. The vet said "she needs to lose weight" - well duh - but he couldn't suggest anything I haven't already tried. It doesn't help the shedding part when she will NOT be brushed... LOL Cats!
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