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Please help identify my breed

This is Akira's Aunt (by marriage)

Pet store told us she was a hound/rottweiler mix (which I wouldnt even consider anything they have to say, seeing that we have seen some dogs that look NOTHING like what they said they were... I guess rottweiler sounds good maybe?). They didn't specify what type of hound she was.

We are certain she has hound in her as her brother Max definatly shows hound, and she definately posseses the hound mentality.

So many people have suggested what they think she may be, but its really hard to tell.

Also take a look down the page at her brother, which looks nothing like her, but may help determine.

Please dont critisize us on buying a dog from a pet-store as it was not us. This store charges upwards of $1000 even more for mix breeds, which they get as it is downtown Toronto, and the majority of the population in the area do not drive.

This is Crush..

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