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Thank you Yeah the raw I buy for Duffy is pre-packaged from a local BC company recommended by my homeopath vet but so far it is only available here.

If you were interested in the pre-packaged form you would need to find a company (preferably local so it's not trucked great distances) that uses non-medicated, hormone-free, free range meats with an appropriate amount of bone (depending on which type of meat), organs, vit e and veggies (for cats 5% or less). As SCM mentioned you could also prepare it yourself, though there is more research & balancing of ingredient portions needed. I believe most members who are feeding raw are home prepping because there are not many companies who make raw food across the country (there are however alot in BC ).

If you are interested you can check out the raw food section of the dog & cat food forum and the site is also very informative
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